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Halloween is in your heart! Creepy cute vibes radiate from this eclectic witches' brew of music. Shake yer bones to the full moon like only the ghosts are watching!

Halloweenie stream party! Oct. 24th 5 pm - 12 am PDT. Click here! Music! Movies! Makeup! Giveaways!
Looking for some Halloween whimsy at home? We're having a virtual party!!!ย Click through the image for details!

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Save the date! Or else...
Sharp Glitter

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  • Sharp Glitter on

    @Cassie: Thank you! Witchy culty 60s music is a vibe. :~)

  • Cassie on

    Deamon Lover by Shocking Blue, wow Iโ€™m in love! โ€˜Killerโ€™ playlist ;)

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